How to Go from S*&t to Shift


It happens. There are times when you will have a horrible, terrible, rotten, no good, very bad day. They are somewhat inevitable, and most times outside of your control.

What IS in your control is how you reacte to them. 

This one little trick I talk about in the video is THE most powerful thing you can do to go from s*&t to SHIFT! (and the power is always in the shift!). 


It was actually two nights in a row, a continuing dreams… those really kind of freak me out.


I was living in a huge mansion (maybe watching Royal Pains on Netflix seeped into my sleep lol), I was there with an attractive fella… though I couldn’t see his face ~ I did know he was attractive.

The first night we did a lot of extravagant fun things. We lived the high life. I remember vaguely a boat, and jet skis, and general fanciness.

The second night we were cuddled up in an over-sized chair talking about dinner. My mind was running through the things in the fridge attempting to come up with something fancy to cook. Foie Gras? Caviar? Lobster?

He said… “I want soup”. At that point I looked over into the kitchen and there was a lady there, with one of my old (long time ago given to goodwill) pots on the gorgeous 6 burner professional grade stove, cutting carrots and onions and tossing them into the pot.

I remember feeling a little bit rattled by this.


I heard a voice.

The voice said.

“That’s not a man. That’s money. This dream is all about how you feel about money”.


It dawned on me what it all meant. I was attracted to the money, I thought it was attractive. BUT I thought I was going to have to change and be some fancy pants foie gras (yuk) eating debutante if I had piles of money in my life. I like being who I am… a crock pot cooking, horse dirty mama who loves gardening and the simple things in life.

I have worked with an amazing EFT coach off and on for almost a decade now. I’ve worked alone and with books and workbooks to overcome limiting beliefs I have about life, business, and of course money.

With all that work done, here pops up this belief that I’m going to have to change if I have a lot of money.

Well… that definitely explains my up and down earnings now doesn’t it. I don’t want to be some fancy pants snooty folk. So… as my subconscious always does… it’s been protecting me. The way my subconscious has protected me thus far is by helping me not create consistent huge income so I don’t have to become what I believe. Yes, it’s ok to have a 10K month… but you can’t KEEP having them or else….

Because you know that’s what happens right? You must become what you believe. So if you believe something that isn’t in alignment with what you really want, your subconscious will work tirelessly to protect you.

Thank you subconscious. For your protection, and for this dreamy wake up call. 

It just so happens I recently got my hands on this new training manual. It’s all about how to become a top producer (which is consciously what I want!). The second module is ALL about beliefs. In fact, there are 14 specific and concrete steps to take to completely turn around any belief that isn’t supporting you. It doesn’t have to take years to change your beliefs… it can happen in an instant. If you know what you’re doing.

This training program isn’t available to the public yet (and I’ll let you know when it is), BUT… there is a place you can learn from the same person who’s teaching me these 14 steps. He’s doing a LIVE Web Event on Saturday. It’s going to be HUGE and he’s going to dig into this whole concept of changing your beliefs during the LIVE event.

Seats are limited… so if you want to change your beliefs so your subconscious can stop “protecting you” aka keeping you broke… make sure you grab your ticket now.


This week the Rebels have been sharing a private training series with the public. It’s called 3 to 5 NEW Customers a Week Formula. This training has been eye opening for me and there’s still a few more days of the training left, if you want to catch it you can sign up here. I’ll send you the times and links.

Anyway… the advertising training was pretty amazing. I haven’t done a ton of advertising, I have built my business using mostly free methods (like Facebook and G+), so listening to the mechanics of building an ad campaign that converts was really helpful. AND I saw the mechanics of a profitable ad were totally applicable to just about anything you’re putting out there on the internet… be it a status update, email, or even blog post!

I’ve been mulling all the information over, and implementing the steps in my marketing… and started to see ads on Facebook in a completely different light! I started to look at them with a more critical “marketers eye”. I started to notice if they captured my attention, if I wanted to click on them, if I wanted to know more, if I wanted what they were selling.

Funny thing?

The ones I connected to completely followed the system outlined in the training we did. Imagine that.

If you want the full training, get on the training notification list, and I’ll share a way you can get the replay… but here’s a couple highlights.

Start with your prospects problem in mind.

So many times we have something exciting that’s going to solve people’s problems. We know it will, if they just take a look. So we end up talking about the solution we have in our ads, in our updates, posts, and emails.

Problem with that is this:

You don’t connect with the person on a level they “get”. You throw out the solution, but they don’t connect the problem THEY are having with your solution.

Here’s a couple examples.

You have this amazing webcast going on. It’s a very low price. It’s going to help network markers learn to actually produce in their business. This is a HUGE benefit, and it’s going to be a kick ass solution for people.

But… you lead with the solution.

Here’s the problem.

If I’m a network marketer who hasn’t recruited anyone into my business. I am looking to recruit 1 person. Maybe 2 a month. I’m not looking to be a top producer… I’m trying to figure out how to get one damn person. 

Will this solution help this network marketer? Absolutely.

But you haven’t allowed them to connect THEIR problem with the solution.

What might work better?

Still trying to recruit your first person? or Still trying to recruit 2 people a month?

Headlines like these would help your target market (struggling network marketers) connect their problem with your solution.

Here’s an ad that really grabbed me this morning.


wow. If I was a working mom and I was missing out on all the giggles in my kids world. I was feeling really guilty about it. I was wishing there was something I could do about it. Boom. There’s the connection.

You see how she didn’t go into a bunch of detail about the content of the webinar?

That way the person can’t “talk themselves out of it”. If you give detail you allow the prospect to “fill in the gaps” wtih information from their own imagination, limiting beliefs and personal framework. All of which could be totally untrue.

When you let them connect on the message… damn. I wish I was there for all the giggles. Maybe this will be the thing that lets me do that… they start to feel hopeful. And excited. And ready to be there. They attend your free webinar, because they want what you’re offering… you’ve made a connection.

So… like I said, this is just a little tiny tidbit taught to me by my mentor, that was taught to her by her mentor who happens to be the top recruiter in all of network marketing. If you’d like to learn more directly from him… you can join us on Saturday for a LIVE webcast where he’s going to dig into this kind of stuff… and so much more. You’ll learn how to not only connect in your facebook ads, but anywhere and everywhere you are around people. 

Click here to get your ticket to the live event. 

See you there! 

You're Not Going to Make Money If...


You don’t learn how to do this.

I heard a mentor of mine say this earlier today and it seemed a little harsh… and then after about 26 seconds it seemed so obvious. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a network marketing company, you’re building a blog, you’re an affiliate marketer or creating your own products.

There comes a point in time when you have to take responsibility for your skills. You just have to learn “this” whatever “this” is for you.

You can’t blame your success or lack of success on anyone else… you have to take responsibility for learning the skills necessary to succeed in the business model you’ve chosen.

How do you do that?

Find a mentor. Find someone who is already doing what you want to do successfully… then do what they do.

You know, it’s kind of weird… the more time you spend around people the more you pick up their mannerisms, the way they talk, the way the gesture, the things they do. This is a fact. It happens. Just take a minute and think about a time when you’ve been in close contact with the same person for an extended period and think about how some of their “essence” transferred to you.

The real question then becomes…

Who are you spending your time with?

Are you spending your time around people who already have what you want or are you spending time around people who are bringing you down, telling you it’s silly to dream so big or worse?

The more time you spend around people who are already successful in the areas you want success the more their “essences” will rub off on you. Now this doesn’t mean you have to stalk them and be creepy about it.  You can get audios they’ve done and listen to them… even if you only have ONE audio from a mentor you can listen to it over and over and over again. You can join their forum, or join their team, or get on webinars or training calls they offer. Do whatever you have to do to listen to them, be around them, soak them in.

It will make a difference… and start learning.

Chances are you’re going to screw up along the way. It’s inevitable. And it’s a good thing.

When you fall down… pick yourself right back up, and get back to work. It’s the only way. No one learns from smooth sailing easiness in life. No. We learn from mistakes. We learn from messing up. We learn from challenges, struggles, the tough stuff in life.

So don’t let setbacks, roadblocks, or failure be your excuse to give up.

Take responsibility. Learn the skills you need. Get around other people who are successful. 

I’ve got something that can help you with that… it’s a limited time offer so you have to take action fast.

Click here and see what it’s all about.  (I’ll give you a hint… it will help you spend more time around successful people) oh… and it’s free. 


We Forget How Hard It Was...

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I remember, 2 years ago this month, sitting at the pool, with my feet dangling in the water, watching my kiddo swim, and listening to my first ever inner circle audio... it was what has now affectionately become known as the Tomato Sandwiches call. 

I was filled with that "this is new and exciting" energy and listened to the call with excitement and anticipation. 

I relistened to that call today... and it brought back that moment two years ago and the struggles I've come through since then. It got me thinking about all I've been through in the last two years, and how I've managed to stay with the same company and continue having success. 

It's funny how easily we forget how HARD things are. 

This week is horse camp for my kiddo. She's learning to lope a pony bareback. She's doing great with the loping, it's the stopping that keeps giving her trouble. :) She's fallen off her pony a couple times this week and, at times,  has gotten pretty discouraged. 

I was thinking this morning as we were driving in, about last summer. When she was learning to trot this same pony, Sheldon, bareback. She trots bareback like a champ now, it's no problem, it doesn't cause her anxiety at fact, she thinks it's fun. 

However... last summer when she was learning to trot Sheldon, she fell off at least 5 or 6 times. Funny, she doesn't really remember that now. Trotting is so easy for her, she's forgotten the struggle she went through to learn, the work she did to make it easy. 

It's the same thing with business, and parenting, and dieting... and just about anything in life. Going through it, in the beginning when we're getting our feet under us, and learning the ropes it can be tough. We might fall down. We might land in the mud... and yet we pick ourselves up and get back on the pony, or back in the game. 

The other day after she fell off her pony the second time and got back on to try again, one of the instructors came over and asked me if she was my daughter. I said, "yes". He said... "Boy! She's a cowgirl. She just keeps getting back on". 

It made me think of that old cliche... it's not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up. It seems so silly, but when you really think about it... it's totally true. 

It's not about how many times she fell off, or how often I've struggled, or how many times you've wanted to quit, or how many blogs you've built that have failed, or businesses you've tried that "haven't worked". It's about how many times you keep getting back up, getting back on the pony, back in the game, how many times you refuse to quit and just keep reaching for your dreams. . 

Funny thing is... a year from now, you'll probably have completely forgotten you struggled at all. 

I will say though... it's best to have some support during the struggle. It's great to have a coach or a teacher, or a team mate there when you fall off, helping you dust yourself off, and get back in the saddle. 

I don't know if she'd have gotten back on and kept trying, if she hadn't had a really great teacher giving her a little enouragement push back on the pony. 

Hanna and I have this little thing that do together. When we're facing something scary, something we might like to run away from, but know we have to do, to grow and get better... we call a "Kick Fear in the Face Day"... and just go do it. 

There's power in not going it alone. Not going it alone can make or break the journey. If you're tired of going it alone, and want the support of a coach and an amazing team. Join us. :)

Time to Cowgirl UP! 

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